There is so much I want to say to  help all of us  be able to cope with the realities of aging parents.  When people tell you what it is like, it still is not at all what you were thinking.

I want to start by saying I have already lost my mom, I mean the mom I knew prior to the last 5 years.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of elderly people a lot worse off than she is, she knows who I am and most days gets my name right.

Let me go way back…..

Mom was born in 1928, the youngest of 4, as a matter of fact she is ten years younger than  her closest sibling.  Her  mother always  told her she was their “surprise” so mom felt special.   She grew up on a farm, multi generational home.  They had a two-seater outhouse.

There are so many stories and I will occasionally share them when I can.

When she finished high school she decided to go to nursing school and this is where she met my dad.  He was a patient.  Story for another time.

They actually got engaged on Valentines day and were married in June  of the same year 1949.

mom and dad hugging in the yard - cropped

They had 5 children, and we were all very active together.


There is no one in this world that I admire and respect  more.

Her husband past away suddenly at the age of 45.

There is was 41 years old left alone with her 5 children.

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