Being Thankful

“did I make the carrot pudding already?”

Every year as far back as I can remember mom would make a “ carrot pudding “ for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.  I didn’t always like it but over the years I have learned to love it.  This is also true for most of the family and now everyone expects it, with, of course  the hard sauce.  We can make it the weekend before thanksgiving because it lasts a while.

Mom can’t follow a recipe anymore so “I’ll make it” with her.

This required a trip to the  store (one of the ingredients is spiced rum and we ran out of it when I made mom’s birthday cake (absolutely delicious rum cake) So we went to do a few errands which now included picking up the rum.

We bought  the spiced rum and the non spiced rum, just to have on hand for the season.  Then I saw one of moms favorites, Baileys Irish Cream, (the original).

“hey mom, would you like some Baileys for the season?”

“ohhhhhh, Yes, I could stand that?”

I knew she would enjoy it.

So now I have 3 bottles of alcohol in a cart pulling it behind me  and pushing mom in her wheelchair.  At the register, I paid and now I have the three bottles in one bag.

“ Want me to carry that?”
“sure”  and reluctantly I placed the bag on moms lap, under the parkinson’s shaking hands.

We steam the pudding for a couple hours once put together, so we need a can, like a three pound coffee can or some reasonable facsimile.  This was a bit of an ordeal but I used the tin that moms cookies of the month club cookies came in.  Perfect, even has a cover.

We have everything we need now so we can get started.  I assign a task to Mom and then I need to watch her discreetly to be sure she does it correctly.

This is her thing.

I set her up at the table with a few items to measure out and have her  add them to the bowl, she moves quite slowly these days so it will take a while and I can get a lot done at the counter. She certainly can’t manage a knife now so
I’ll chop and she will measure.

We chatted a bit about the carrot pudding and who likes it, we talked about making the hard sauce and when.  We talked about Bruce & Karen making their own version of carrot pudding .

We worked as we chatted and it was nice.

The recipe

Done  and steaming in the pot!
We will make the hard sauce on Wednesday.

That was a lot for mom, the concentrating is exhausting for her these days, so she sat down in her chair in the living room and promptly fell asleep.

She slept.

I took the pudding out when it was done and let it cool.
Later that evening

“Mom would you like a glass of your Baileys “

“ do we have some?”

“yes we do, we picked it up at the same time we got the rum for the carrot pudding”

“ then of course I will”
“did I make the carrot pudding already?”.

“you sure did, it’s all done”

that conversation took place several more times before Thanksgiving

we made hard sauce, this is simple.

I combined all of  the ingredients  but the recipe did not say how much rum to add

“mom how much rum do I add”

“oh , I don’t ,  know just pour some in  , maybe a quarter  cup, I usually go by taste”

Thanksgiving day

“ okay let’s go”

Katie and Tim hosted thanksgiving this year and I was excited.  Mom was a little confused about going somewhere as we have always hosted and she was concerned about the dogs being left alone for “so long”.  I assured her all was good.

Dinner was amazing!  every bite.
It was different  ( by different , I mean lively)  now because of the  4 young kids,  and we forgot to do our traditional around the table “what are you thankful for” sharing. That is one of my favorite parts.  It was still so much fun to be part of this bunch.

We were all so full, that’s the theme of everyone’s thanksgiving,isn’t it.

A couple hours later the desserts were set out, there was so much to choose from and the hot chocolate was just heavenly.  We were so full again  and there was so many desserts that we didn’t bother warming up the carrot pudding.
The day after.

In the afternoon, Mom and I finally had our warmed carrot pudding with melting hard sauce with a cup of tea.  It was as good as always.

“I think it’s only you, me and Barbara who like it anyway”

“Ohh, I don’t think so, I know Ryan likes it, Megan too and probably Jill.”

I know this post is more about me than mom, but I wanted to share (since we missed  it on thanksgiving) what I am thankful for.

Of course, I am thankful for my growing family ( there is nothing more precious) and that we continue with most traditions that I grew up with.

Most importantly this year, I am thankful for the carrot pudding, not the carrot pudding itself, per se, but the fact that the carrot pudding created time for mom and I to stop and share with each other the shopping, the Baileys Irish Cream, the making, the baking, the eating and most importantly, simply the time.


Don’t forget to make carrot pudding! 

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