Transitions (3)

“the long and winding road”

Go back thirty-ish  years ago (Mom was 59-ish)  at our favorite vacation spot.  Now when I say vacation, I am not talking about anything fancy but for a few days each summer, Mom , me and my kids would go to Short Sands Beach in York Maine.  

This particular spot contains some of the best memories for all of us.  


Anyway on this particular trip was the beginning of Moms issues with her knees. Which led to issues with her back which led to hip issues.   Nothing to serious, just aggravations.

Here’s why; 

The waves at short sands beach are big and the water is cold.  Mom  held Megan (3 years)  (she would cling like a monkey)and I held Katie (18 months), we were in the water about to our knees.  

The kids loved it.  Mom and I were chatting and didn’t notice the big wave ( I’m sure this has happened to everyone) and that wave slapped us hard, so hard it knocked Mom and Megan down.  

All of a sudden I saw mom’s hat floating and Megan still clinging to Mom pretty much horizontal in the water, so I began my attempt to help them up. So just picture the few seconds that this all took place and now mom stumbling trying to stand up and me grabbing her arm to assist in the effort.  You have to know this was not easy, two people holding little kids on the ocean’s edge with waves still coming in, Megan still clinging, and now we were starting to giggle.  Giggling makes you weak.   Finally (30-45 seconds) everyone was upright and safe.  Still laughing  we started back to the blanket and Mom was limping a little.

Mom NEVER complains.


When I asked her if she was okay she said “oh yeah,  I’m fine I just need to sit for a minute”.  


We sat.

We replayed the scene a few times and laughed each time we pictured it happening.  So much fun and a great memory!

Mom is actually very lucky with her health, she has most her her original parts, some work better than others but her  knee was never the same, but we always get where we need to go.

The transition  from walking independently, to walking with a cane, to (should be) walking with a walker, (stubbornness  prevails) to shuffling, to shuffling slower, to needs a wheelchair for any distance, is a long and gradual one.  


We still love going to York Beach, all of us.



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