Morning Routine

routine is quite important

I’m sitting here having my coffee in the morning quiet and the dim light. I love this peaceful moment and over the years I’ve learned much about appreciating these moments.

After a few minutes if Mom doesn’t rise on her own , I’ll go in her room with the dogs and the small one, Rookie, will jump up on moms bed and that always works.

phone pictures 387

I’ll talk more about pets at another time, but I’ll just say that Mom is more attached to these two dogs than any animal we have ever had.    Just look, they are holding hands!


Anyway she will get up and shuffle to the bathroom. That is when I go in her room and get her clothes out. (She will wear the same thing everyday if I didn’t do this)

She moves slowly.  That is why I use the term shuffle  (definitely another post)

I get dressed for work, then get her medicine and a glass of water and put it on the table in her spot. By now she is out of the bathroom so I check if she needs help, mostly socks are an issue these days. On occasion it’s her bra that gives her the biggest challenge. Often times we may giggle about the whole getting dressed process. Our mornings are never rushed , so it is pleasant.

Once dressed, including hearing aides (lots to talk about there) she makes one more stop in the bathroom and blows her nose and pats down her hair.

Then she will shuffle to the table for her waiting meds and coffee.

She prepares her bags( another story) and sips her coffee. Finally she walks over to her chair to watch for her day care bus. If Bob is available to wait for the bus then I am off to work , I give her a kiss good-bye and say have a good day as does she.

I think of her during the day, hoping she is happy.



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