Oh dont get me wrong, repetition is great in some instances, I am a teacher I understand that we all can not remember things the first time around.  I think I’m fairly patient.  So I repeat things .

I will always repeat instruction and of course I will repeat for emphasis.  “You MUST NOT leave the room without turning off the gas”,   “You MUST NOT leave the room without turning off the gas”.

I also need to have many things repeated for me … OFTEN.  I forget names, numbers, dates, and it’s ok, we all do.

I have chickens and they are fun.  My mom grew up on a farm so she just loves to go out in the back yard and visit the chickens with me.  It is something we both enjoy and can share the joy of watching the chickens peck their way around the yard.


When we first let them out of the coop (this happens every time we go out there) Mom asks “ how many chickens are there?”  I tell her there are 9 and then she will ask “are they all girls?”  I will always say “yup all girls”!  In a half hour she will ask those 2 questions a ridiculous number of times.  Each time she asks I will  answer her as if it were the first.  RIGHT!!! I do try and for the most part I am probably fairly good about it.

You want  to know why I answer her as if it were the first time she has asked, because with Mom, it is all about the moments and they are fleeting.  She will be happy amongst the chickens and I, so if I have to repeat myself 1000 times so that she can enjoy another half hour with me then I will not hesitate.

Don’t  get me wrong , it can get frustrating,( and that is an understatement)  however, when  tomorrow comes and the same thing happens and the same conversation takes place I will patiently answer her the same way and we will both share another pleasant “moment” together.

When memory loss first begins it is far more frustrating, we want to fix it!  As the memory loss progresses you start to realize that for the individual that is going through it, it is more about how they feel and not about what they remember.  They do remember a feeling.




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