Raising Mom

Here’s the scoop

Sometimes I wonder how we got to this point in our lives. We all have moms , we all love our moms, except maybe a few odd situations, and as our moms get older we get very protective of them, we all do it. I’m no different.

Allow me to introduce myself, and of course my mom: my name is Deborah, call me that or Deb, but I have never been a fan of being called Debbie. My mom, Margaret Alice, born in 1928. She goes by the names, Margaret, Peg, Peggy , Aunt Peg, Mom,Momma, and Nana. We have a great relationship, really always have.

I’m 60 and my mom is 89, we live together and have for the first 18 years of my life and then when I turned 30, we started living under the same roof again…and still do. I honestly don’t want that to change,

It’s Saturday, I slept in a little this morning because I have a cold and Bob said he would get up with the dogs, since they don’t understand the difference between weekdays and weekends. Finally 7:15 I got up.

Mom got up a couple hours later, she sleeps a lot and she sleeps late when she can. I had her morning meds ready and made her coffee.

I never really know what to expect each day but no matter what happens I always try to stay positive 😁!


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